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Decision Making

Creating connected interiors for connected people.

With the amount of decorative items on the market and the complexity of bespoke decisions which need to be made, it can become extremely overwhelming to continually pick and choose the perfect mix and match for your project.   Our design teams can help you. 

Our designers will help you with recommendations within your budget. Design is not only about how something looks, but how it feels. We will present to you and from there you can decide whether you like the “shopping list” or we can procure the list and do it all for you. We are all about creativity, transformation and growth and rest assured the final decision will always be yours

Bespoke / Recurring


We have a reputation for designing functional spaces that enhances style and character. Our extensive selection of quality fabric, timber and finishes, reflect our obsession with beautiful interiors. All of our products are custom made or chosen specifically for you and your project. Each curtain or blind is made to measure. Each piece of furniture is custom made with fabric specifications. And each decor accessory is chosen specifically for you and your space.


For each of our clients we hold all the custom-made design records, with our fabric selections and sizes (for 5 years) so should you wish t o do a repeat or add onto your project we will know your history and specifications.   

In addition, for our recurring clients, we appreciate that to modernise a whole property can be a costly and time-consuming exercise. We help by offering different stages for projects, for example, Project 1:  Lounge - time frame 6 weeks, Project 2; Main bedrooms - 4 weeks duration to commence 6 months after project 1. Our team can work through the property with you and keep it in on track with the design concept and more importantly your budget.   

For our Hospitality clients, our designer team will create the full project within a turnkey budget, and we will plan for all installations. We understand the need to remain open to the most suitable times to install, to ensure little disruption to your clients, thus we will always cater for this. 


Commercial & Hospitality

It is all about simple ergonomics & flow, we can create comfortable & functional environments. We also understand how to maximise the customer journey whilst ensuring retail efficiency. 

We are more than happy to help from the basic shop window display to the full layout and renovation of the facility.   We can create the epitome of luxurious comfort, combined with functionality for your guests, whether on a limited budget or targeting high end clientele. The simplest touches make the biggest impacts.